The Sacred Triduum

The Sacred Triduum at St. Mary the Virgin, Kenton

In just a short while, we begin the most solemn of events which will recall the days leading to Our Lord's crucifixion and death.

The Mass of The Lord's Supper this Maundy Thursday at 8.00pm will omit some of the ritual, such as the Washing of Feet; but the significance of the institution of the Eucharist – Jesus sharing bread and wine with his disciples – is what Christians have done “in memory of Him” for the past 2000 years. “This is my body. This is my blood. Do this in memory of me.”

We will hear how Judas Iscariot leads the guards to the Garden of Gethsemane where they arrest Jesus. Will we have stayed with Him in the “watch” before the Blessed Sacrament? “Will you not watch with me just one hour?”

Tomorrow we will walk with Him on the Via Dolorosa – the path leading from Jerusalem to Calvary. As he falls three times under the weight of the cross. We will be there at the foot of the cross, with Mary his mother, and the disciple Jesus loved, as the guards taunt him. We too, like the centurian, will witness the darkness and the veil of the temple as it is torn in two. We will hear Jesus cry “It is finished”. We will be there as Joseph of Arimathea takes Jesus to an empty tomb and rolls the heavy stone to seal the door.

And we will wait for that first light of dawn, which we will celebrate on Holy Saturday, as the flickering candles beckon the onset of Easter Day. If you cannot be there in person, join us on Facebook or YouTube. This is the start of something that NO-ONE CAN AFFORD TO MISS!