Foundations of Faith

What is Foundations of Faith?

Foundations of Faith is a series of courses which follows the articles of the Creeds and will enthuse, enliven, encourage and educate all those who take part. It comprises six course programmes, set out below, which will be offered over the course of a year and repeated annually. Each programme is divided into five weekly units. It is not an ‘explorer’ course, but rather intended for those who are regular and committed worshippers but who feel that they need to know more in order to grow in the Faith.

Why do we need Foundations of Faith?

Laymen and women who were theologically educated, who had a thorough and intimate knowledge of the Christian Faith were once a crucial and vital feature of the life of the Church. Recent years have seen a decline in that breadth and depth of theological knowledge and the life of the Church has suffered as a result.

Additionally, many people who are Christian or are drawn to the Christian Faith, but know that they do not have a full knowledge of the Christian Faith, have drifted away from the practice of their Faith and seek an opportunity to discover or rediscover all that they are sure that they are missing.

Even those who attend church regularly often feel uneducated in the Faith and unable to answer the questions of family and friends about what they believe and why they go to church, and, most vitally, unequipped to bring others to God the Father through Faith in Christ His Son.

This may particularly be the case of those who teach the Faith in Sunday Schools and other settings but who do not always feel equipped to answer the questions they are asked by those in their caere.

Foundations of Faith is designed to meet the needs of God’s people to be educated in the Faith of the Church and to restore the place of a theologically educated laity to the life of the Church.

When and how do I join Foundations of Faith?

Foundations of Faith will run next at St Mary’s from September 2007, and each of the six programs (see below) will take place inside half a school term, such that the whole course will be completed before the end of the school summer term 2008.

The sessions take place on Wednesday evenings at 8.00pm and last approximately an hour and a half.

For further details of Foundations of Faith at St Mary’s, please contact the parish priest, Fr Giles Pinnock SSC, using the email link above or by telephone (020) 8907 2914.

What will I learn on Foundations of Faith?

Program 1: God, Revelation and Creation

Unit 1: What do we believe and why? Revelation and the Bible – Sept 5th 2007
Unit 2: We believe in God: Salvation History – Sept 12th
Unit 3: God the Father: Creator and creation – Sept 26th
Unit 4: The Unseen World – Oct 3rd
Unit 5: The Trinity: energy and essence of God – Oct 10th

Programme 2: Our Lord Jesus Christ

Unit 1: Son of God – Oct 31st
Unit 2: The Word & The Light – Nov 7th
Unit 3: The Incarnation & Our Lady – Nov 14th
Unit 4: The Signs of the Kingdom – Nov 21st
Unit 5: The Life & Teaching of Jesus – Nov 28th

Programme 4: The Holy Spirit in the Church

Units 1&2: The Holy Spirit & Life in the Spirit – Jan 9th 2008
Unit 3: Baptism and Confirmation – Jan 16th
Unit 4: Eucharist and proclamation – Jan 23rd
Unit 5: Sacraments of Reconciliation and Healing – Feb 13th

Programme 3: Sin and Reconciliation

Unit 1: The problem of Evil, Sin and Human Freedom – Feb 27th
Unit 2: The Passion and Death of Jesus – March 5th
Unit 3: Reconciliation and Salvation – March 12th


Unit 4: The Resurrection and Ascension – March 26th
Unit 5: Second Coming and Judgement – April 2nd

Programme 5: The Church

Unit 1: One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church – April 23rd
Unit 2: The Apostles and Holy Order – April 30th
Unit 3: The Church through the ages – May 7th
Unit 4: The Anglican Communion – May 14th
Unit 5: Christian Unity – May 21st

Programme 6: Christian Discipleship

Unit 1: Heaven and the Saints – June 4th
Unit 2: Vocation, marriage and relationships – June 11th
Unit 3: Prayer – June 18th
Unit 4: Fasting and almsgiving – June 25th
Unit 5: Moral issues – July 2nd

I commend [Foundations of Faith] to you and hope that it will do something to restore the number of theologically educated laity that were once a feature of our life.

+John Broadhurst, Bishop of Fulham

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