Palm Sunday Sermon

Lent Sermon 1 – Why do we go to Church?

Lent Sermon 2 – Why do we go to Confession?

Lent Sermon 3 – Why do we go to Mass?

Lent Sermon 4 – Why is Our Lady so important?

Lent Sermon 5 – Why do we pray to the Saints?


We offer these podcasts on four very important areas of our life.

Prayer, healing and sin are offered by Fr Aidan Mayoss CR, a monk of the Community of The Resurrection based at Mirfield. His ministry has extended from Stoke on Trent to being a monk, work in South Africa at the University of London, being on General Synod, confessor and friend to many. He shares his wisdom gleaned over 50 years of ministry.

The Right Reverend Jonathan Baker is an academic and Bishop of Fulham. He talks about the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

We hope these podcasts will help everyone who is seeking to deepen their spiritual lives. Thanks to Fr Aidan and Bishop Jonathan.

St Mary’s Podcast Episode 1 – Prayer

St Mary’s Podcast Episode 2 – Healing

St Mary’s Podcast Episode 3 – Holy Orders

St Mary’s Podcast Episode 4 – Reconciliation