St Mary’s Annual Report and Meetings 2010

The Annual Report and Accounts of the PCC for the year ended December 31st 2009 had been circulated in advance (on April 11th) to all members of the Electoral Roll; copies had been made available to non-members. There were no questions or comments arising from the content of the report; it was proposed and seconded and accepted unanimously.

Those nominated and elected for membership of the PCC were thanked for their willingness to serve and reminded that they must be eligible to act as a trustee of a charity.

The list of those nominated as sidesmen for the coming year were elected en bloc unopposed. They were reminded that their duty is ‘to assist the churchwardens in the discharge of their duties’ (Canon E2) and thanked for their willingness to stand.

Mr Rob Marshall was reappointed unanimously as Independent Examiner and thanked in his absence for his help over the past year. Mrs Hooton indicated that this would be the last year that she would stand for the office of Honorary Treasurer to the PCC.

Fr Giles had no incumbent’s remarks to make in addition to the Annual Report and the content of his homily at the Parish Mass that preceded the meeting, which would shortly be made available on the Parish web site. No items for discussion by the PCC at its next meeting were raised by the meeting, which was then closed.

3) Meeting of the PCC
The PCC met immediately and elected Mrs Royle as Vice-Chairman; Mrs Joan Hooton as Treasurer; and Miss Valerie Southwood as Electoral Roll Officer. The composition of the PCC Standing Committee was agreed as the Incumbent, the Churchwardens and Assistant Churchwarden and the PCC Treasurer. Dates for the meetings of the PCC and its Standing Committee were agreed and circulated to its members.

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