St Mary’s Annual Report and Meetings 2010


a) Annual Report of the Parochial Church Council, year to December 31st 2009

b) Fr Giles’ Homily at the Parish Mass before the Annual Meetings

Summary of the Annual Meetings
The Annual Parochial Church Meetings took place at Noon on Sunday April 25th 2010, after the Parish Mass in the Church Hall. Fr Giles was in the chair for all three meetings. Mrs Patricia Royle, churchwarden, acted as clerk to the meetings.

1) Annual Meeting of Parishioners
The Annual Meeting of Parishioners meets to elect the churchwardens for the coming year. Those on the Electoral Roll of the Parish and those resident in the parish whose names are entered on a register of local government electors by reason of such residence are eligible to vote at this meeting.

Three nominations had been received for the office of churchwarden of St Mary’s: Mrs Patricia Royle; Mr Kenrick Elliott; and Mrs Sophia Arthur. Mrs Royle and Mr Elliott were elected as the Churchwardens for the coming year; the meeting also appointed Mrs Arthur as Assistant Churchwarden. Mr David Collinson and Mrs Royle were thanked for their service in the past year, especially in the difficult context of the death of Mr Collinson’s wife during the course of the year. The Annual Meeting of Parishioners was then closed.

2) Annual Parochial Church Meeting
Members of the Electoral Roll of the parish and clergy licensed to the parish are eligible to vote at this meeting.

The meeting received a report on the membership of the Electoral Roll from Miss Valerie Southwood, Electoral Roll Officer, to the effect that taking into account addition and removal of names, the number on the Roll had fallen from 108 to 97. Miss Southwood was thanked for her work as Electoral Roll Officer.

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