St Mary’s Annual Report and Meetings 2008

a) Annual Report of the Parochial Church Council, year to December 31st 2007

b) Fr Giles’ Homily at the Parish Mass before the Annual Meetings.

Summary of the Annual Meetings
The Annual Meetings commenced shortly after Noon. Fr Giles, the churchwardens and 28 electors were present.

The first of the meetings was the Annual Meeting of Parishioners (also known as the ‘Vestry Meeting’). It addressed two items of business. First, it voted unanimously to revoke the Section 3 provision under the Churchwardens Measure 2001 that a churchwarden should be disqualified from being chosen for the office of churchwarden when that person has served as a churchwarden of the same parish for six successive periods of office. Second, David Collinson and Trish Royle had been nominated as churchwardens for the coming year and, there being no other nominations, were declared to have been elected. They were thanked for their service in 2007/08 and their willingness to continue to serve in 2008/09. The Vestry Meeting then closed.

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) followed immediately. Valerie Southwood reported that the Electoral Roll stands at 107 persons compared with 101 in 2007. Following the complete revision of the roll last year, four people were added shortly afterwards. During the year five people have been removed from the roll through death or moving away and seven have been added. The Annual Report & Accounts, which had been circulated in advance to every member of the Electoral Roll were discussed, in particular how the origin of the parish’s present capital should be described. It was adopted by a majority vote.

Gill James and Valerie Southwood were appointed as Deanery Synod Representatives, and the following were appointed to the PCC: Johnette Clarke, Gloria Cowans, Ken Elliott, Mark Giffin, David Griffiths, Walter Gurton, Mary Haines, Joan Hooton, Phyllis Spiers, Susan Tye Smith, and Cynthia Yorke. Any member of the congregation should feel able to approach any member of the PCC to discuss any aspect of the life of the parish that falls within the responsibilities of the PCC.

A list of 15 names was approved en masse as sidesmen for the coming year. Mr Rob Marshall was appointed as Independent Examiner, having been very helpful in the past year. Fr Giles had nothing to add to the already circulated Annual Report other than to express publicly at the request of Peter Coe, Sacristan, thanks to Mrs Olga Clifford for her care of the church linen.

There being no other business the APCM closed at 12.32pm. The APCM was followed by a short meeting of the PCC at which: David Collinson was appointed as Vice Chairman of the PCC; David Griffiths was elected as Honorary Secretary to the PCC; Joan Hooton was elected as Honorary Treasurer; Valerie Southwood was elected as Electoral Roll Officer; and Fr Giles, Trish Royle, David Collinson, David Griffiths and Joan Hooton were appointed as the Standing Committee of the PCC. The Standing Committee is an obligatory body that maintains progress on the PCC’s decisions and business between meetings.

In the coming year, the PCC will meet on (all Tuesdays): May 13th 2008; July 15th 2008; September 23rd 2008; November 18th 2008; January 13th 2009; and March 17th 2009 (Annual Report & Accounts).

The Standing Committee of the PCC will meet on (all Thursdays): June 12th 2008; October 23rd 2008; December 11th 2008; and February 19th 2009. The Standing Committee may also meet in August if deemed necessary.

The next APCM will take place after the Parish Mass on Sunday April 26th 2009.

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