St Mary’s Annual Report and Meetings 2007


a) Annual Report of the Parochial Church Council, year to December 31st 2006
b) Fr Giles’ Homily at the Parish Mass before the Annual Meetings

Summary of the Annual Meetings

The Annual Meeting of Parishioners & Annual Parochial Church Meeting took place on Sunday April 22nd 2007 after the Parish Mass. This is a brief summary for those who were unable to be there.

Election of Churchwardens

Trish Royle and David Collinson were elected unopposed to serve as churchwardens in the coming year. They are to be thanked for being willing to serve in this capacity. Mike Still and David are to be thanked for their service last year.

Election of PCC Members

The following were elected to serve as members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) for the coming year: Fred Ayres; Pam Cole; Jean Ernstzen; Mark Giffen; David Griffiths; Mary Haines; Gavin Harvey; Joan Hooton; Valerie Southwood; Phyllis Spiers; and Cynthia Yorke. Churchwardens and the clergy are members of the PCC ex officio.

Gill James and Walter Gurton have one more year of their three-year term as deanery synod representatives left to serve and continue to serve on the PCC ex officio. Parishioners and regular members of the congregation should feel able to approach any member of the PCC to discuss subjects that fall within its responsibility.

PCC membership carries an ever-greater degree of legal and financial responsibility, particularly as trustees under charity law as parishes are treated more as individual charities rather than under the umbrella of the diocese or the Church of England as a whole – which is a ‘Charity by Royal Warrant’. Those who are willing to serve as members of the PCC are to be thanked for their commitment.

Fred Windridge, who has served on the PCC both as churchwarden and as an elected member for many years decided this year not to seek re-election. He is to be thanked for the many years of service he has given on the PCC and for all he has done for the parish over the years.

Electoral Roll

All parishes were required this year to remake their electoral rolls entirely. The new Roll as presented to the Annual Meeting is made up of 101 names. As compared with the former Roll, 15 new names have joined, two have been removed through death and six through moving away. 16 people on the former Roll did not respond to requests to complete forms for inclusion on the new Roll by the Palm Sunday deadline. We now know that two of these have moved away. Some have returned their forms since Palm Sunday and others are expected to do so in time for the meeting of the PCC on May 8th, when they will be added to the Roll. Valerie Southwood, as Electoral Roll Officer, is to be thanked for expending the considerable time and effort involved in remaking the Roll from scratch.

PCC Standing Committee

The PCC is required to have a Standing Committee to carry out its business between full meetings. In the coming year, the Standing Committee is to be made up of Fr Giles, Trish Royle and David Collinson as churchwardens, Joan Hooton as Honorary Treasurer to the PCC and David Griffiths as Honorary Secretary.

For discussion by the PCC

The Annual Meeting can request that the PCC consider specific items of business in the coming year. Amongst those raised were: an audit of invisible and unsung jobs in the life of the parish and how they could be better organised and acknowledged; rejuvenation and development of our choir and liturgical music; and ways in which our ministry of welcome can be developed.

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