News from St. Mary’s on Sunday 10th April: Palm Sunday

News from St Mary the Virgin, Kenton on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th April 2022: Palm Sunday of The Passion of The Lord

Holy Week is the most solemn and glorious week in the Christian Year. It is even more sacred than Christmas! This is because Holy Week commemorates the final week of Our Lord's earthly life and ministry: the culmination of God's promise and the very reason why the events around Our Lord's birth are celebrated at Christmas. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday and, if the weather and Covid restrictions allow, we re-enact Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem with a procession. Unlike the multitude, that is recorded in all four of the Gospels, we cannot take off branches of the trees – so we symbolise this by carrying a cross made from palm branches whilst we sing:
“All Glory, Laud and Honour to Thee, Redeemer, King,
To whom the lips of children, made sweet hosannas ring.”

The imagery of Christ riding into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, whilst the crowds chant “Hosanna to the Son of David”, “Hosanna to Our King!” is euphoric. Yet, as Holy Week progresses, the events take on a very solemn and emotive air. From sunset on Holy Thursday to sunset on Easter Sunday is considered to be the most solemn part of the liturgical year. This three-day period is known as the Paschal Triduum. In many ways, it is one great festival recounting the last three days of Jesus' life on earth, the events of his Passion and glorious Resurrection, when the Lamb of God laid down his life in atonement for our sins.

The first Mass of Sunday is on Saturday 9th April at 6.00pm. Parish Mass is on Sunday 10th April at 10.30am. Will you be there to shout “Hosanna!” as we follow Our Lord in his final footsteps towards our salvation?

David Griffiths