News for the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

News from St Mary the Virgin, Kenton on Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th November 2020: The Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

This weekend is the Hindu Festival of Diwali (also celebrated by many Muslims) and is a festival of light – which will explain why the skies will be ablaze with fireworks! It is not surprising that most of the major religions celebrate with a festival of light as the winter months approach. The Jewish festival of Hanukkah begins on the 10th December and, of course, the customary use of candles in both the Jewish and Christian tradition for Hanukkah, and for Advent and Christmas, has always been a symbol of holiness, grace, hope and of God's revelation. By contrast, darkness has been associated with evil, sin, and despair. As we continue this second phase of the Coronavirus lockdown, we need those symbols of hope more than ever. How uplifting it was at the beginning of the week to hear of the progress that is being made in the development of a vaccine against Covid-19. A small glimmer of light in the darkness that has been with us throughout much of this year. In Matthew's Gospel for Sunday, Jesus tells his disciples the parable of the talents. Those servants who invested their money wisely were rewarded by their master; but the servant who buried his talent was described as “wicked and lazy” and was thrown out “into the dark, where there will be weeping and grinding of teeth”. We are those modern-day stewards, entrusted by God with various talents that we are expected to use for His Ministry and Mission in growing His Kingdom. Do we always let Jesus, the Light of the World, Shine through us into the darkness?

The Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time will be celebrated at St Mary's with the first Mass of Sunday at 6.00pm on Saturday 14th November; and on Sunday morning at the usual time of 10.30am. Both Masses will be available to view online, on YouTube and Facebook. There is a letter from Father Edward attached to this week's e-mail, and a response from Bob Blackman MP to a letter from Father Edward regarding public worship.

There is also the Christmas Greetings Appeal from ACAT regarding writing to some of those detained in difficult circumstances. If you are able to write to one (or more) of them, this would be greatly appreciated. Do please take note whether or not the person can receive a religious greeting or whether ACAT should or should not be mentioned in any correspondence.

May Jesus, our light, shine for us in our dark times.

David Griffiths