News for Sunday 8th March 2020: This is my Son, the Beloved. Listen to Him.

St. Mary-the-Virgin, News for Sunday 8th March 2020: This is my Son, the Beloved. Listen to Him.

Do you sometimes find yourself in “the wilderness” – not knowing who to listen to or what to do for the best? It is that classic situation that we can find ourselves in now with the threat of Coronavirus. So many people are trying to give us advice that we don’t always know to whom we should be listening! Wash your hands! Don’t make physical contact! Avoid large crowds! It can all be quite overwhelming. During this season of Lent, we can also become quite lost in our spiritual journey too. Where are we going? How can we draw closer to God? The account of The Transfiguration in Matthew’s Gospel gives us clear direction: “…suddenly a bright cloud covered them with a shadow, and from the cloud there came a voice which said ‘This is my Son, the Beloved. Listen to Him.'” We need to listen to Jesus and we do that through prayer. Unfortunately, when we find time to pray we often bring with us a long list of petitions for Jesus: “Jesus – please give consolation to the bereaved; heal these people who are sick; support those who are going through a difficult time in their lives …” But how often do we sit in silence in front of the Blessed Sacrament, or before or after Mass, or come into church when it is open during the week and ask “Jesus, here I am. I come to do your will”,
Ibrahim Ezz El-Din has been campaigning for Human Rights as you can read in ACAT (Harrow’s) Prayer Case of the Month and  in all likelihood felt that this was something he was called to do. Please pray for him.

We can also find ourselves in the political wilderness when we are chosing candidates for particular roles. In May, we shall be voting for our Mayor of London (the post currently held by Sadiq Khan). If you would like to hear an “independent” view of the future of London, then come along to St. Mary’s at 3.30pm tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon and hear from Independent Candidate, Rory Stewart. All are welcome, so you could bring friends and neighbours too!

Over the next few weeks we will be updating the Church Electoral Roll (a bit like our membership list). If you are not already registered and would like to be, please ask our Electoral Roll Officer (Cynthia Yorke) or one of the Churchwardens for a form. If you are already on the list, you do not need to re-register this year!

David Griffiths