News for Sunday 8th August: The Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

News from St Mary the Virgin, Kenton on Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th August 2021: The Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

We begin this week's bulletin with the sad news that Jim Haines died at home on Wednesday. Our sincere condolences to Mary, Angela and the family. May Jim Rest in Peace. Our thoughts also are with Johnette upon the death of her mother-in-law, Thelma Sterling. May she Rest in Peace. Condolences to Lucien, Emma and James. In many ways, the Covid pandemic has made us more sensitive to the death of family members and close friends; even those who have not died through Coronavirus. The daily reporting in the media of the number of Covid deaths on a daily basis has raised our awareness, and the restrictions placed on funerals and the number of mourners at the height of the pandemic has left many without the closure they would have hoped for in giving thanks for the life of someone who was dearly loved. Last month, the Bishop of London, Dame Sarah Mullally, was appointed to chair the independent UK Commission on Bereavement, to look at how we can better support those who have been bereaved. Several of our congregation have been trained by Bereavement Care, which offers support locally to those who are grieving.

As Christians, our faith is based upon the death and resurrection of Jesus. And although we know that each of us will face death at the end of our lifetime, none of us can adequately prepare for the emotional turmoil that it brings. In the Good News from John's Gospel, Jesus explains: “I am the living bread which has come down from heaven. Anyone who eats this bread will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is my flesh, for the life of the world.” When we receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, we are receiving the one who gave his life for us, for the redemption of our sins. We all have the opportunity to receive Jesus, who is “the bread of life”. The first Mass of Sunday is at 6.00pm on Saturday 7th August. The Parish Mass which is at 10.30am on Sunday 8th August, we will welcome back Churchwarden Emerita Trish Royle and her family, for the blessing of her grandson Jake Dylan Royle.

This month, Action by Christians Against Torture (Harrow branch) have made us aware of the plight of Jagtar Singh Johal, who has been held in an Indian prison without conviction for three years. Please pray for him and his family, who will be experiencing a different, but equally painful, grief on the loss of his presence from his family and friends.

David Griffiths