News for Sunday 6th November: Saint Leonard’s Day (Our Secondary Patron)

News from St Mary the Virgin, Kenton on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November 2022: Saint Leonard's Day (Our Secondary Patron)

Dear friends,

Typically, I forgot to put back my alarm clock last Sunday, as British Summer Time ended – and so forwent an extra hour's lie-in, and was woken up at 5.50am! I hope yours was a more restful start to Sunday. But, of course, with the lighter mornings come darker evenings, and the promise of winter well and truly on the way.

So it is that happily we welcome three “liturgical” lights in the darkness, this week celebrating with joy the Solemnity of All Saints, celebrating with tender affection the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed (All Souls) – and, coming up fast this Sunday – celebrating with food, drink and with fireworks the Feast Day of our parish's secondary patron, St Leonard.
In remembering those who have gone before us, we respect the strong foundations upon which we now build; and in asking the encouragement of the saints who in heaven await us, we recognise the bright and happy future towards which we strive.

However, the saints and the holy souls likewise remind us that the growth and development for which we long as a community must be premised on our continual conversion as individual Christians. No one can live our faith for us: we are responsible for answering God's personal call to us.

Please therefore support our celebrations this Sunday: note that there will be no Parish Mass at 10.30am – instead, our St Leonard's Day celebration will take place at 6pm, and will be followed by a party.

If you are able to contribute something to eat at the party, please bring it to the Hall before Mass; and if you are available to help set up on Saturday afternoon, we will be putting out tables in the Hall at 4pm.

As well as bringing yourselves and any contributions to the buffet, please bring a friend on Sunday. In particular, please share an invitation to Mass with members of our parish family whom perhaps you haven't seen in a while – who might be waiting for the opportunity to re-join our worship and fellowship: they can be assured of a warm welcome.

If you cannot join us at 6pm on Sunday, a Vigil Mass will be offered as usual on Saturday, at 6pm.

May St Leonard, and all the Saints, pray for us and with us.

With my own best wishes and prayers,

Fr Richard