News for Sunday 31st October 2021: All Hallows Eve

News from St Mary the Virgin, Kenton on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st October 2021: All Hallows Eve

This Saturday, 30th October, we welcome Bishop Peter Wheatley back to St. Mary's as he celebrates a Requiem Mass for Father Aidan Mayoss CR. Father Aidan had a long association with St. Mary's and was a fairly regular and popular visitor. In many ways, a Saint of our own time. Mass will be at 11.00am and all are welcome. There will, however, NOT be a 6.00pm Vigil Mass this Saturday evening.

It's all a bit strange with dates and times this weekend! Saturday night/Sunday morning, the clocks are going back to Greenwich Mean Time (so many of us can have that extra hour in bed!) Of course Sunday is traditionally All Hallows Eve – a celebration that most retailers would like to encourage, with costumes, 'trick or treat' and carved pumpkins! We don't see much of the Christian basis of the festival, being the eve of All Saints Day (or All Hallows). All Saints Day is traditionally celebrated on 1st November – although the period of 31st October to 2nd November is sometimes referred to as All Hallowstide, which includes the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed (All Souls) on 2nd November.

This is both a time of great celebration and great sadness. We celebrate the saints and martyrs throughout the ages. Not just the ones who we commemorate in the liturgical calendar, but the ones whose names may not written in the church calendar. People like Father Aidan, who devoted his life in the service of Christ. And let us not forget those Christians who are killed daily around the world for choosing to follow Our Lord. Martyrs just as much as Saint Teresa Benedicta or Saint Maximilian Kolbe, but whose names may never be written in the annals of history, but are held within the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

All Souls' Day gives us a chance to remember all those who have died – although our loved ones are remembered daily in our prayers – this outward expression of love for our faithful departed completes the period of All Hallowstide.

The Harrow branch of Action by Christians Against Torture is holding a Service of Prayer and Meditation “The Power of Love to Heal” on Sunday 14th November at 3.00pm at St Alban's Church, North Harrow. All are invited and you will be very welcome to attend.

Requiem Mass for Fr Aidan Mayoss is on Saturday 30th October at 11.00am. There is NO 6.00pm Vigil Mass. Parish Mass for All Saints is on Sunday 31st October at 10.30am, with Bishop Peter.

“Happy are those who are persecuted in the cause of right: theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

David Griffiths