News for Sunday 24th January 2021

News from St Mary the Virgin, Kenton on Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th January 2021: The Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

This Sunday, our Scripture Readings are all focussed on change. In our First Reading, God tells Jonah to “Go to Nineveh”. In it's time, the city was not a pleasant place, rather a centre of wickedness and evil. No wonder Jonah had his doubts and tried desperately to avoid God's command.
St Paul's Letter to the Corinthians could easily have been written at the start of the pandemic! “The world as we know is passing away.” He is advocating a change to the way we perceive aspects of our lives.
In Mark's Gospel, Jesus calls to four of his disciples: Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John – and asks them to leave what they are doing to follow Him.
We can get very 'comfortable' in our ways, in the things we like to do and none of us are particularly keen on making changes. But there are times when change must take place if we are to grow in our lives and in our faith. If we do not accept change, then our lives can become stagnant. We have probably felt some of that over the past ten months, as we have not been able to do some of the things that we would have wanted to do. But things are changing. The world is changing. We are changing. And we must be ready to embrace that change and move on. Take time to pray and listen to what God is asking you to do; for only by serving Him will we be ready for whatever the future holds for each one of us.

The funeral arrangements for 'Lady' Margaret Shand are as follows: She will be received into St. Mary's Church on Monday 1st February at 4:45pm. A Requiem Mass will be celebrated on Tuesday 2nd February at 11:30am, followed by a private cremation.

With the latest strain of Coronavirus proving to be highly contagious, please stay at home if you feel unwell or if you have any concerns. Remember, vaccinations only provide a certain level of protection and we must still be vigilant to wear face coverings, wash our hands and keep our distance from one another. The First Mass of Sunday will be on Saturday 23rd January at 6:00pm. The Parish Mass on Sunday 24th January at 10:30am. All Masses are broadcast on YouTube and on Facebook. We would love you to join us in person or online.

David Griffiths