News for Sunday 22nd August: Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

News from St Mary the Virgin, Kenton on Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd August 2021: The Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

If you did not attend the Parish Mass last Sunday (15th August) or were unable to watch online through Facebook or our YouTube channel, you may not have heard Father Edward Lewis give notice of his (early) retirement as Vicar of St. Mary the Virgin, Kenton. He writes:
“I announced at Mass on Sunday that I shall be retiring as Vicar of St. Mary's later this year. My last Sunday will be the Feast of Christ the King in November. Many of you will know that my back continues to give me a lot of pain and saps my energy levels. Katherine is doing well with her treatment, but I must think of her as well.
We have had ten wonderful years here at St. Mary's and it has been a privilege beyond description to be your priest and friend. I hope your next priest will be able to build up our work with younger people as well as being a friend and pastor to each person.
We still have some time together and have Bishop Jonathan to baptise, confirm, and lay Lady Margaret's ashes to rest on 5th September. Bishop Peter Wheatley (who with Trish and Ken appointed me) and is an old friend, will be with us for All Saints on October 31st.
Your Wardens, Fr Mike and some retired, as well as local serving priests, will look after you until Bishop Jonathan finds a new eighth Vicar of St. Mary's.
This comes with my love and thanks as well as prayers. Yours in Christ our Lord and King, Father Edward and Katherine.”

It is always an unsettling time when a Vicar resigns or retires, but we know that everyone will work together over the forthcoming months to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. Of course, Father Edward and Katherine will be with us for another three months, so let us rejoice in that opportunity to enjoy their fellowship amongst us.

The first Mass of Sunday will be on Saturday 21st August at 6.00pm. Parish Mass is at 10.30am on Sunday 22nd August. Please continue to observe the social distancing and associated measures to keep everybody as safe as possible. Covid hasn't gone away just yet!

There are some lovely phrases in this Sunday's psalm, but this seems very apposite:
“Many are the trials of a just man
But from them all the Lord will rescue him.”

David Griffiths