News for Sunday 20th September: Patronal Festival

News from St Mary the Virgin, Kenton on Sunday 20th September 2020: Our Patronal Festival

Some two thousand years ago in a town called Nazareth, a most extra-ordinary event took place. The town held no particular importance in the region of Galilee and it was probably the most unlikely of places for the angel Gabriel to have appeared. Except that this was the town where Mary lived. She had been identified by God from the moment of her conception, to be without sin and thus provide the vessel in which the Holy Spirit could conceive Jesus in Mary's womb. Thus, Mary became the protector of Jesus as he grew in her for nine months. We know the story of Jesus' birth and it is clear that Mary held him in her arms, as any mother would do to protect their children. We don't hear very much about Jesus' young life or his teenage years as he grew into adulthood – but we can be pretty sure that Mary was there for him, offering support and guidance; and we know that she stood at the foot of the cross as Jesus died. If the whole purpose of a “patron” is to be there to guide and protect, as a Patron Saint is given to do, then we should be in no shadow of a doubt that Our Lady of Kenton, our Patron Saint whose festival as Our Lady of Walsingham we keep this weekend, is there for each one of us. As our guide and our protector, we look to Mary and give thanks for our joys and we bring to her all our sorrows, fears and disappointments in the sure and certain knowledge that as she protected and nurtured her son, she will do likewise for each one of us.

The first Mass of Sunday takes place at 6.00pm on Saturday 19th September. Do remember that on Sunday, Mass is at the later time of 4.30pm as we welcome the Bishop of Ebbsfleet to celebrate and preach at our Patronal Festival.

Please keep in your prayers Fr Mike Still as he prepares for Ordination to the Priesthood NEXT weekend.

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria

David Griffiths