News for Sunday 20th November: Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King

News from St Mary the Virgin, Kenton on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November 2022: Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King

Dear friends,

Remembrance Sunday saw another healthy turnout at Mass: thank you for supporting our witness and worship. Now, as the Church's year draws to a close, in advance of another Advent, so – as we prepare for this coming Christ the King Sunday, our minds turn from looking back to looking forwards – forwards to Christ's coming in glory, when he will be revealed to all the world as King.
Having honoured the past, we put our faith in Christ's future – confident in the knowledge that all powers will be made subject to him. We are therefore called upon at this time to refresh our hope – that often-misunderstood Christian virtue: for hope is not unrealistic, sunny optimism, or just some sort of wishful, positive thinking: hope is the knowledge, deep in our hearts, that all time belongs to Jesus, and that the victory is already his.

Please therefore come again to Mass this Christ the King Sunday: on Sunday at 10.30 there will be a Procession and Benediction after Communion, as well as the commissioning of our eucharistic ministers.

Please find attached publicity and posters for various forthcoming services and events, as well as an invitation from Action by Christians against Torture to send a Christmas card to Pastor Reutilio Columbie, seriously injured in Cuba for bearing witness to Jesus – a faithful Christian whom we can encourage and pray for at this time of year.
Fr David Green at St Anselm, Hatch End also asks us to promote a Men's Pilgrimage to Walsingham in February 2023 – further details attached.

Finally, and looking not quite so far ahead as Christ's Second Coming, the recent mild weather has masked the fact that winter is on the way – and with it a likely drop in temperatures. Just as with our domestic energy bills, the amount the church must pay for gas and electricity has increased alarmingly: for example, the unit price for gas has gone up by 433%! We will continue to make the church safe and comfortable during worship, but we will need to monitor our energy usage very carefully: therefore, please come dressed for the winter as the cold weather comes upon us – there may even be a prize for the best woolly hat!
And if you are fortunate enough, for example, to be on a fixed-price tariff which has shielded you from the recent price rises, perhaps you might consider kindly donating your monthly energy rebate to St Mary's, to assist with our rising bills? Last month we reduced our gas usage by 85% compared with the same month last year, but only saved 9% in the amount we had to pay: even if we reduce our energy usage by 50% next year, we will still likely pay around £10,000 just for gas. Something to ponder, as Advent approaches: thank you for your generous support…

With my love and prayers,

Fr Richard