News and Pew Sheets for Sunday 15th March 2020

St. Mary-the-Virgin, News for Sunday March 15th 2020.

Dear Friends

The advice received regarding our reactions to the coronavirus pandemic changes fairly regularly. For us as a worshipping family we have been advised not to distribute the Precious Blood at mass. We are also exchanging what Fr Matthew calls a “ chaste” peace, with no physical contact. Added to this we are observing basic but important hygiene requirements.  We don’t know if we will be required to suspend public masses in the days/ weeks ahead.

Last Sunday we understand that the Bishop of London tuned into our Mass at St Mary’s. She mentioned this on her twitter account and our traffic on the web increased by 200. Others,  such as the Archdeacon of London, are mentioning our church as a place where the faithful who cannot get to mass, might like to follow the mass and make a spiritual communion. There is no doubt that more people than ever will be tuning in to our services. We must try and include them as best we can.

Meanwhile our prayers continue for all caught up in this and for the medical services who are doing their best to support those who have the virus. We remember too the people of Italy ( and other places) who are in virtual lockdown. Our prayers too for David who has gone down with a chest infection… not related to the above …

On a sadder note many of you will have met Fr Maurice Fletcher ( former chaplain at Quainton Hall) last seen at St Mary’s for Fr Mike’s first mass as deacon. He was to have been preacher at his First Mass in July. Fr Maurice died last Monday.

Our Wednesday mass goers in particular will remember Neville. We will never forget his stentorian readings. Neville’s life was not easy and became too much for him on Tuesday. His funeral will be at St Mary’s.

Yes there is a lot going on and many who need our prayers. Let us pray for one another and for all in need at this time. Let us take them to Our Blessed Lady our friend and mother.

On Tuesday this week the Bread of Life course continues after mass at 7pm – we concentrate on Scripture this week and why it is central to the Eucharist.

This comes with the assurance of our love and prayers for you all. We are available if needed just ring/ text/ email.

God bless you

Fr Edward  Fr Matthew Fr John & Fr Mike
Ken & Winslow.