News and Pew Sheet for Sunday 1st December 2019: Back to the beginning.

News for Sunday 1st December 2019: Back to the beginning.

It’s been a busy week at St Mary’s – and a good job that we were all kept busy too (otherwise we could have got pretty chilly!) – not just with the usual round of services including Morning Prayer, Rosary, Evening Prayer and Masses – but there has been something going on in the cellar. I am pleased to inform you that the new boilers have been installed and they are working and should be keeping the church nice and warm (despite the frosty weather that’s forecast).
And a good job too – for tomorrow, Saturday 30th November, we are holding our Annual Autumn Fayre from 10am – 3pm. Please come along and support this annual fund-raising event and bring your family and friends too! The more the merrier. You can tell them that they will be warmly welcomed!

Sunday is the 1st December and that means we are going back to the beginning as we start a New Liturgical Year in the life of the Christian Church. Not only are we starting a new year, but our readings (for Sundays) are on a three-year cycle, and we are back to Year A; and if you are a regular at Morning or Evening Prayer, you’ll know that the Prayer Cycle is on a four-week rotation and we are back to Week 1 of that too! 
Even Jesus, in our reading from Matthew’s Gospel on Sunday, refers back to one of the oldest stories in the Bible, back (almost) to the beginning of Genesis as he talks about Noah and the Great Flood. His message is of course “Stay awake, because you do not know the day when your master is coming.”

So we must prepare ourselves for the beginning of our story, when God sent His Son to be with us here on Earth. There is much to do, but please try and make time for prayer, reflection and worship. And there is no finer way than to attend the weekly teaching on The Lord’s Prayer that will be taking place in Advent. The first of these will be on Wednesday morning, immediately after the 9.30am Mass. You are welcome (even encouraged) to attend Mass beforehand. Or if you can’t manage a daytime session, then the same teaching will be given on Thursday evening. Mass at 7.00pm followed by teaching and meditation. And perhaps we all need to strip away the commercialisation and “window dressing” that Christmas has become and go back to the beginning; and prepare ourselves for the gift that none of of us can ever tire of receiving: Our Lord Jesus Christ, born for us in a stable in Bethlehem.

“Happy New Year”

David Griffiths