Music forms a vital and integral part of the Liturgy at St Mary’s. Our musicians are drawn from ordinary members of the congregation whose unfailing commitment is to give of their very best because nothing less would do as an offering to Almighty God.

Our hymnody is robustly Anglican, drawing extensively as it does on the fine repertory in the New English Hymnal (NEH). We also make use from time to time of the Celebration Hymnal for Everyone (CHE), which contains material, both traditional and contemporary, which is not included in the NEH. The CHE has proved especially valuable as an aid to the joyful celebration of Mary’s feasts. You can download our monthly music lists in PDF form by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

St Marys choir consists of a small but dedicated group whose job is to lead the singing of the hymns, psalms and Mass setting. The choir also performs a short motet or anthem during the distribution of Holy Communion, and the Angelus is sung every Sunday.

We use a variety of Mass settings, generally ones in which the congregation is able to participate fully. Liturgical change brought about by the introduction of the new translation of the Missal in 2011 has made it necessary to learn some brand new settings and to adapt others such as the popular Lourdes Gloria. It has also afforded the unexpected opportunity to restore (with some adaptation) the venerable old favourites by Merbecke and Martin Shaw.

The choir and organ are both situated in a spacious gallery at the west end of the church. This arrangement facilitates easy coordination and ensures that our music derives maximum benefit from St Mary’s wonderful acoustic.

Choir practice is held about once every three weeks, usually on a Wednesday evening at 7.30pm. This is an intensive session in which music for the forthcoming services is prepared and any new material is worked on. The choir also assembles early to practise before each service.

If you would like to contribute to music at St Mary’s (and no you don’t need to be any kind of expert) then you need to get in touch. You could join our existing arrangements or you might want to offer something entirely new. Please email us on, or call in on the choir gallery after any service or talk to one or the clergy.

Recently we have asked members of the congregation to list their favourite hymns. Many took up the offer and Peter will still be happy to receive your requests. Below is the list we have so far:  Be sure to be in Church to hear your favourite hymn. Peter has put dates next to some of the hymns. This page will be updated regularly.

Favourite hymns
Favourite hymns November 2013 

To view the Music for Sundays, see below:



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