Holy Week

There is no question that this Holy Week will be very different from those we have experienced before. We will not gather as a church community to process and celebrate as Jesus enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. We will not gather as a church community on Maundy Thursday to have our feet washed and remember the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper. We will not gather as a church community and mourn the death of our Lord on the cross on Good Friday, or his absence on Holy Saturday. We will not gather as a church community to sing out in exultation on Easter Sunday as we celebrate our Risen Lord!

This is hard. It is painful.

We may feel alone in the coming days as, for the first time perhaps, we contemplate the Passion of Jesus in our own homes.

But, and it’s a big but… what if this time opens up an understanding of Jesus’ Passion in a new way? What if we take our suffering, our misery and hold it with Jesus as he stumbled and falls on the Via Dolorosa? What if we offer up our own suffering and misery and frustration and anger as a tiny part of the suffering Jesus offered for us? What a powerful way to come to know Jesus better and to be a part of that great and powerful event.

With that in mind we have gathered some resources you can use at home this week. If you’re on the electoral roll you will have received in the post this week the complete Holy Week liturgies – this means you’ll be able to tune in to the live webcam at the times listed below and be part of the liturgy in church in your own home.

Holy Week Services Live Streamed

Holy Saturday

  • 9:45am – Morning Prayer
  • 7:30pm – Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday

  • 9:45am – Morning Prayer
  • 10:30am – Parish Mass
  • 4pm – Evening Prayer, Benediction and Te Deum

Resources to use at home

There are a lot of resources available for you to use at home – many put together by Bishops and Priests of The Society and Church Union and some put together by our brothers and sisters from other denominations.

From The Society and Church Union there are a large range of resources available which you can find on the Church Union website. They are also releasing a series of videos over Holy Week which you can view on their Facebook Page. Videos will be released on:

The videos feature our very own Bishop Jonathan and are excellent. We’ll be posting links to each of the videos here and on our WhatsApp Group, Facebook Page and Twitter Accounts as each one is released. They are exceptional and I urge you to watch them.

Of particular note is the Praying At Home booklet which we have been using during our daily offering of Mass & Home Communion. It contains an act of Spiritual Communion which we encourage you to pray each day.

Palm Sunday reflection

Maundy Thursday reflection

Good Friday reflection

Bishop Robert Barron

Bishop Robert Barron from the USA will be celebrating a series of masses over Holy Week. These are always of a very high quality and deeply moving. You will be able to join in with these masses on:

  • April 5: Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord: 9:00am Pacific Time (5pm BST)
  • April 9: Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper: 6:00pm Pacific Time (2am Friday 10th April BST)
  • April 10: Friday of the Passion of the Lord (Good Friday): 3:00pm Pacific Time (11pm BST)
  • April 12: Sunday of the Resurrection (Easter): 9:00am Pacific Time (5pm BST)

You will find a great selection of resources on his website for use during Holy Week including a brilliant Stations of the Cross reflection.

From St. Mary’s

Closer to home you’ll find some resources on how to pray the rosary. Including a detailed how-to-guide. If you’re on the electoral roll you’ll have had a copy posted out to you. If you’d like to download it – it’s available to download here (34mb).

We will be adding to this list of resources and information as we discover them or you share them with us. If you spot something that you’ve found helpful – send it to us – and we’ll include it here for others.

Fr Edward & Matthew

Other Resources

From ‘The Visual Commentary on Scripture’:

“Something for Holy Week. On https://thevcs.org/holy-week-2020 there will be a daily series of reflections on a key Biblical passage for Holy Week centred around three works of art illuminating that passage. Even if you’re not Christian, you’ll find the discussion of the art stimulating.”

Celebrate the Easter Triduum by taking a spiritual journey to the Holy Land.

From the Augustine Institute:

We are excited to announce that we are offering the new film, Triduum: A Spiritual Pilgrimage, free to everyone for Holy Week. In light of the separation we face as communities, this special documentary allows Catholics all around the world to unite and make a spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy Land and ultimately the heart of the Passion.