Fr Edward’s letter – Christ the King

Feast  Of Christ The King 2011

What were you doing on the Feast of Christ The King last year? Can you believe another Church Year has come and almost gone? Today we look back on the last year with….. well with what?

Perhaps an immediate thought is horror about the break in at Church last Monday morning. Even though it upsets us, we can be grateful it was not worse. We are now addressing the security questions of alarms and CCTV for both Church and Hall.

I am sure that each one of us will look back with thanksgiving as we realise the good things we have received from God and the constancy of his Love and forgiveness. This has been celebrated liturgically in the saving events of Holy Week and Easter, renewed each time the Mass is Offered. Each of us will have experienced great days as well as those days which have been darker, but in which the Light of Christ continues to shine.

As a Church St Mary’s has appointed her 7th Vicar and you must decide whether it has been a blessing or something else! For my part I am delighted to have come.

The events of the 75th Anniversary to date have been uplifting. They have increased interest in, and awareness of Our Church, in the community.

We have also celebrated important anniversaries with Fr Malcolm and Fr John.

We Celebrate Christ The King and then look towards Advent. We look to the 3rd December for our  75th Anniversary of Dedication Festival Mass followed by a party then by ‘The Messiah’. Please let Gloria know what you can bring to the party asap.

We also look forward to the completion of the splendid redecoration well before Easter. As we have spent these last few months dealing with much necessary building work, so 2012 is a time to build the faithful. Bishop Peter will administer the Sacrament of Confirmation during the Easter Vigil on April 7th 2012. There will be a meeting for ALL thinking about this important Sacrament in January.

To help us through Advent you can take an Advent/Christmas Calendar for free. The suggestions for each day may appear simple but they are challenging as well.

The Walk with me booklet, ‘Receiving the Word’ costs £1 and contains daily meditations through to the feast of The Baptism of The Lord. Well worth having and using daily.

As we journey together, let us pray for each other

Yours devotedly,
Fr Edward