Fr Edward’s 7th Letter

From Father Edward Lewis .24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
To The Faithful at St Mary’s
Grace mercy and peace to you

Dear Friends,
Last Tuesday the PCC voted unanimously to continue the redecoration of the church.  After a frank and mature discussion we felt this was the right thing to do. Some of you had expressed an opinion that things should remain as they are. That opinion is respected. However the majority of feedback received was that the work should go ahead.
Trish and I have been talking to our contractor Church Restoration UK and we were given a price of £70,000 for completion of the whole church.
It is hoped that St Leonard’s and the Baldacchino/Altar will certainly be ready for 3 December. The whole work will be completed by Holy Week 2011, with no disruption to our Daily Services or to the Sunday Mass.

There will be an appeal during All Saints tide this year. I will be writing to everyone on the Electoral Roll and to those with connections at St Mary’s. If anyone wants to sponsor a part of the redecoration in memory of a loved one or in thanksgiving, please speak to Ken, Trish or me.

This Sunday at 6pm we are invited to the Patronal of St Mathew’s Willesden. There will be a Pontifical Mass. Address St Mary’s Road Willesden NW10 4AU. Fr Daniel Humphreys and his people would value our support.

Next Saturday 24th is our open day. Many people are working hard to ensure it is a successful day. If you can lend a hand on Friday evening or early Saturday morning, please be in touch with Mike Still, Trish or Ken. All hands to the pump.
The day runs from 9 through to 6pm with Mass at 11.30 and Evening Prayer at 5.45pm.  Tell your friends…better still bring them along.

Sunday 25th Please be in church by 10.15 to welcome the Bishop of London.
At the end of Mass Keith Tugwell and Fred Windridge will be made Churchwarden Emeritus by the Bishop. This is a recognition of their contribution to St Mary’s over many years. Then there is the ‘Family Photo’ as a record of this great 75th Patronal Festival. A bring & share lunch in the hall will be the chance to enjoy each others company in a relaxed atmosphere. If you can contribute food please talk to Gloria.

Jonathan Perry is checking on your email address or collecting it if we don’t have it. We want to use this media to keep in close touch with you. You can now follow us on Facebook, and a St Mary’s app for your Iphone or Android will soon be available.

These are exciting times. There are 3 baptisms coming up and we are all working hard for one thing…..To Glorify the True and Living God in Kenton.

Please pray for me as I pray for you

Yours devotedly     Fr Edward