Fr Edward’s 6th Letter

From Father Edward Lewis
To The Faithful of St Mary The Virgin Kenton

Dear Friends
Redecoration. The redecoration that has already taken place is causing some comment. A lot is positive. Some feel that the church should not be decorated and remain as it is.

My own feeling is that we should proceed with as much work as possible to make St Mary’s look and feel a place of continuing beauty and a place where heaven and earth meet. The PCC will be discussing what can be done and what should be done, at its meeting on September13th. Please share your views with PCC members, Trish, Ken or myself.

Social Media. One area of ongoing development is the extent to which we use social media. Many people of all ages are using the internet, e-mail, twitter, facebook and the like. We have an excellent website which can easily be added to. A number of parishoners are on e-mail. We want to use that facility to send the pew sheet every week and a reminder of church and social events. We will still print a number of copies of the pew sheet, but many can receive them directly at home. Would you please ensure we have your current email address as we check our database?

Jonathan Perry, who is a new member of our congregation ( he usually sits near Ivan) has kindly volunteered to co-ordinate this.

I will be looking into how we can use these media to keep in touch with our younger church members as well.

An afternoon for our youngsters (2- 4) and an evening (6 – 8) for our teenagers will be held on Saturday November 19th. It will be led by Clare Rabjohns, who has particular skills working with younger church people.

Christmas Cards. This Christmas instead of sending everyone in the congregation a separate card, why not send the congregation one card (which can be displayed on our large notice boards). You might like to donate the money you would have spent on cards to St Mary’s.

Chip & Pin. There has been a slight hiccup in installing the telephone line and wi-fi, to enable these machines to work. However they soon will be up and running, and based on top of the cupboard which houses the sound system, opposite the baptistry.

Mass. Please do remember that the Bishop of London is with us at the Parish Mass on 25th September our Patronal Festival. The ‘family photo’ will take place with him, after Mass.

Finally a huge thanks to Margaret Shand for giving us a wonderful party to celebrate her 90 years. St Mary’s is over £640 better off thanks to Margaret donating her presents to her Church. She thanks YOU ALL for your love and care.

Yours devotedly,
Fr Edward