Feed 10 Children: TWO X TWENTY


It was lovely to have had this period of study leave. I realise that this is a ‘ once in a lifetime’ opportunity to have rest, relaxation and to do some serious reading…… Until retirement !

Thanks to our church wardens and officers of the PCC, dear Fr John and brother priests, as well as the faithful, who have enabled both the smooth running of the parish and the offering of the daily mass.

I return with a challenge.


The TWO times TWENTY challenge has come out of Jenny Stone Wigg’s visit on the feast of Christ the King. As We were chatting that weekend, Jenny talked about children in Bosnia, whom she knew, who were going to school without breakfast and without anything to eat during the day.

Jenny will pay the local baker (in a Bosnian village) directly, forty pence (TWO times TWENTY).He will provide a sandwich for a child to eat, each day.

I have promised that we will provide one sandwich each day for ten children for a year. That amounts to £20 per week ( 40 pence x 10 x 5 days).

That breaks down to our average attendance of 60 people each week giving 35 pence each.

This scheme will be run by our youngsters. It is young children who will be fed.

Don’t be surprised if Mia, Kimberley, Tyrese, or any of that gang badger you for some change. I have asked Toby and Rhys to be responsible for collecting up the money and leaving it with our wardens to be banked, week by week.

Jenny is an amazing person and by her zeal, constancy and Faith has done great things. Will YOU help in this latest challenge? We can be sure that every 40 pence will go directly to the baker.

The plain fact is that if we don’t contribute, children will not even have one sandwich………….

Once again we are told that Christmas will not be possible if we do not have this gadget, those bargains, that discounted item. We will all probably eat and drink too much. This is an opportunity to help those who will not eat unless we provide …….




Will you, please?