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Welcome to the St Marys website for those being confirmed this Easter. This section is  called Godskidz as we are all children of God and through the Sacrament of Confirmation want to strengthen our Faith and our belief in Jesus Christ Son of God and our Saviour.


Jesus gave the Church Seven Special Signs which we call sacraments. There are the outward  signs i.e the things we see, which have an inward grace i.e what they do to us. They are:


(Outward sign water and holy oil.) Where we are signed with the sign of the Cross – marked out as Jesus’s friends we are made members of Christ’s Body the Church and inheritors of the kingdom of heaven.


(Outward sign, the Bishop laying hands on us and anoints with holy oil and calls on the Holy Spirit to aid and strengthen us.) Where we profess our belief in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and promise to be His good followers.

Holy Orders

(Outward sign the Archbishop/Bishop lays hands and anoints with holy oil. He calls down the Holy Spirit for the work of Bishop priest or deacon. The Symbols of the office are given.)  The setting apart of people to take responsibility for looking after God’s people and to be responsible for celebrating the Sacraments.

The Mass

(Outward signs are the reading of the Bible, the taking, blessing, breaking and giving of bread and wine which we believe becomes the Body and Blood Of Christ.) Jesus celebrated the Eucharist at the Last supper on the night before he died. He said, ‘ do this in memory of me’. In the Mass we hear God’s word read. We remember – and bring into the present- all that Jesus did especially his death and resurrection. He is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. We are happy to be called to his Supper. The Sacrament of Christ’s Body and Blood is food for the Christian journey. The Mass is the central act of our Worship.

Holy Matrimony

(Outward sign the exchange of solemn vows and rings.) Two people deeply in love pledge to share their lives together by sharing vows and asking God’s blessing on that love and their life together.

Holy Unction

(Outward sign oil.) On Maundy Thursday – the day before Jesus died on the Cross- the Bishop blesses three types of oil. One used for anointing the sick, one for baptising, one for confirmation and ordination. This oil is used as a sign of consecration or setting apart for God’s work.


(Outward sign sorrow for sin reception of penance and forgiveness.) This is a time to look at our lives and recall the times we have gone wrong. By telling our story in the presence of a priest, we are assured of God’s love for us and the wiping out of our sins. We have to be sorry and ready to try and be better followers of Christ. It’s like having a shower….you feel clean after and ready to face the world.

Confession preparation
An Examination of Conscience


Prayers 2

To learn more, take the time to read these study sheets by clicking the following link. Study Sheet

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