St Mary’s: 2011 – Present

And so to the present year, 2011, the 75th anniversary of the consecration of St Mary’s. We began the year 2011 with bitterly cold weather with snow and ice covering the church.

The Bishop of London put St Mary’s and other Fulham Jurisdiction parishes in the care of the Bishop of Edmonton, Bishop Peter Wheatley.

The interregnum proved that the people of St Mary’s can come together and keep the Parish alive for the greater glory of God. Interregnums can also be times of opportunity and growth and this we saw. St Mary’s had benefitted from having two honorary retired Priests to care for us during the interregnum. Fr John Metivier and Fr Malcolm Gray gave so graciously of their time and energy that it was easy to forget we were in an interregnum.

Father Edward Lewis
Father Edward Lewis

On the 11th January 2011 Bishop Peter Broadbent Bishop of Willesden, Rachel Treweek Archdeacon of Northolt and Richard Bartlett Area Dean joined the PCC for the Section 12 meeting. The section 12 meeting was held to exchange views on the Church profile and also to confirm with the PCC, the requirements of the Parish with regards to recruiting the new Incumbent and to confirm the passing of Resolutions A,B,& C at the Section 11 meeting held on Sunday 12th of December 2010. It was stated that we would like the new vicar to guide us to establish a Mission Action Plan. Ken Elliott and Trish Royle, Churchwardens were elected to be the Parish Representatives.

The PCC agreed that the vacancy should be advertised in New Directions and that interviews should take place at the end of March 2011. We pray that our new Parish Priest will uphold the Catholic tradition we believe in at St Mary’s.

Prospective candidates were welcomed to visit the church and vicarage prior to the interviews. On the day of the interviews, 22nd March, six members of the congregation were invited to join the interview party for lunch prepared by the catering team.

Bishop Peter Wheatley Bishop of Edmonton and acting Bishop of Fulham and Rachel Treweek, Archdeacon of Northolt joined the Parish Representatives for the interviews. After lunch the prospective candidates left and more discussions followed. The Parish Representatives were unanimous in their decision and Bishop Peter Wheatley offered the Incumbency to Fr Edward John Lewis, Chaplain to Her Majesty The Queen.

On 20th May, Father Edward Lewis became the Seventh Vicar of St Mary’s. Fr Edward is an experienced priest who has spent much of his ministry in the world of Hospital Chaplaincy. He is also a Chaplain to Her Majesty The Queen. Fr Edward’s biography can be found elsewhere on the website.