Bishop Jonathan

Bishop Jonathan
Bishop Jonathan

The Church of England is committed to the flourishing of all its members and parts. Even though for good theological and ecclesiological reasons we cannot receive the sacramental ministry of women bishops and priests, we are keen to spread the Good News of the Crucified and Risen Christ.

We are a parish affiliated to The Society. Our priests are priests of The Society.

In 1992, the General Synod of the Church of England (CofE) decided that women should be ordained as priests in the CofE. It allowed those who do not believe that women can be ordained to remain as members of the CofE, and directed the appointment of bishops who do not ordain women to care sacramentally and pastorally for them.

Under an arrangement known as The London Plan, the Bishop of Fulham is the bishop under whose care parishes in the Diocese of London which have formally decided not accept the ministry of bishops who ordain women have been placed. The Bishop of Fulham also cares for such parishes in the dioceses of Southwark and Rochester.

In Bishop Jonathan ( we have a bishop who is our pastor and friend and in all things enables us to remain as Catholic members of the CofE. Please pray daily for Bishop Jonathan.
Prayer for our Bishop

Prayer for our Bishop
God, eternal shepherd,
you tend your Church in many ways,
and rule us with love.
Help your chosen servant, Jonathan,
as pastor over your flock.

Help him to be a faithful teacher,
a wise adminstrator,
and a holy priest.

The parishes with which St Mary’s is most-closely associated in the Bishop of Fulham’s jurisdiction are:

Christ-the-Saviour, Ealing
St Andrew, Kingsbury
St Andrew, Willesden Green
St Anselm, Hatch End
St George, Headstone
St Mary, Hayes
St Mary, South Ruislip
St Matthew, Willesden
St Thomas, Hanwell


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