And Christmas comes once more

St. Mary-the-Virgin, Christmas 2019.

We are almost there! Just a few hours to go and we shall be celebrating the Birthday of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We have been “watching and waiting” throughout Advent and soon we shall be following in the footsteps of the shepherds as they entered the stable to worship the new-born baby as he lay in the manger. Evening Prayer of The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ takes place at 6.00pm. You are very welcome to attend and pray with Christians throughout the World: “The Word of God, born of the Father before time began, humbled himself today for us and became man.”

Midnight Mass at 11.30pm is often a time when those who are not regular worshippers hear the message of the angels to come to the manger and worship the Son of God. Take courage and invite family members, friends or neighbours who might not usually attend church and ask them to come with you. Alternatively, Mass of the Day on Christmas Morning is at 10.30am when our celebrations continue. 

Wherever you are and whoever you are celebrating Christmas with, may we wish you a very Happy, Holy and Blessed Christmas from all at St. Mary the Virgin, Kenton.

“Where children pure and happy
pray to the blessed Child;
Where misery cries out to thee
Son of the Mother mild;
Where Charity stands watching
and Faith holds wide the door
The dark night wakes, the glory breaks,
And Christmas comes once more.”
(Verse 4: O Little Town of Bethlehem)