The Kenton Group of Churches

The Kenton Group of Churches is made up of a number of Christian worshipping in and around Kenton. It meets once a month for prayer in the place of worship of one of its member communities, and daily at the time of the annual Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity (January 18th – 25th).


All Saints Catholic Church, Kenton Road
Kenton Baptists, Streatfield Avenue
Kenton Methodists, Kenton Road
St Anselm, Uppingham Avenue, Belmont (Church of England)
St Mary-the-Virgin, Kenton Road (Church of England)

Prayer of the Kenton Group of Churches

God our Father,
we pray that here in Kenton,
all Christians may be united in friendship and love.
As pilgrims together, enable us to follow in the steps of
Jesus, our Lord, to make his light shine in this place. Amen.

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