Forward in Faith

Forward in Faith

St Mary-the-Virgin, Kenton is a Forward in Faith (FiF) parish. It supports the work of FiF in seeking to uphold and defend the teaching of the Church, most specifically – though not exclusively – on Holy Order – who can or should be ordained bishop, deacon and priest.

FiF was brought into existence in response to the decision in 1992 by the General Synod of the Church of England (CofE) that women should be ordained as priests. FiF and its members do not accept that the CofE has the authority to make this innovation in regard to the orders of bishop, deacon and priest that it claims to share with the whole Church – a position held in conscience that it shares with the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox churches, and which is formally recognised in the legislation that allowed the CofE to ordain women.

FiF is a positive and forward-looking organisation that seeks the unity of the whole Church, as prayed for by Christ (John 17:21), and the upholding of the Catholic Faith that the Church of God has received from the Apostles and Saints. Because the ordination of women has caused great damage to ecumenical progress towards the unity of the whole Church, FiF does not accept that it can truly be consistent with the will of God.

The CofE is now proceeding towards the appointment of women as bishops. This further innovation will further damage ecumenical relationships between Christians and further separate Anglicans from one another, so is also not accepted as proper or valid by FiF and its members.

As well as being a member of Forward in Faith, the parish of St Mary’s Kenton has passed Resolutions A and B under the Priests (Ordination of Women) Measure (ensuring that no woman ordained as a priest can be the parish priest, preside at Holy Communion or grant absolution within the boundaries of the parish) and has been placed under the Episcopal Care of the Rt Rev’d Jonathan Baker SSC, Bishop of Fulham.

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