We want everyone who comes to church to feel welcome and enabled to take part in all our worship and daily life.

To this end we’ve worked hard to make our building as accessible as possible, but also to create an atmosphere where people are able to engage as best works for them.

Building Accessibility

Our main entrance is level access and has two light glass doors. On both the north and south side of the nave we have indented pews (several rows back from the front) that create space for wheelchair access.

We are able to create special seating on request and have done this for several parishioners – please speak to one of the Priests.

We have a disabled access toilet accessed off the nave. People often walk out to use this during the service and it creates no fuss or distraction to the service. The toilet also contains a baby change facility and there is space to walk / move around if you would like to step away from the main room.

We have a hearing loop in place and sound amplification is very good throughout the building – but not too loud.

Large print orders of service are available along with large print hymn books. There is always someone available to help you through the service if you find it unfamiliar.

Worship Environment & Atmosphere

Our service is very structured. There is no free prayer or deviation from the order of service – this creates a safe space for those who find unstructured environments difficult.

Everything you need to participate in the service is provided as you arrive (order of service, weekly pew sheet & hymn book). There are no screens or projectors in use.

It is perfectly normal for people to leave their seats at any time during the service if they need to ‘take a break’ or just move around to get the blood flowing. This is not unusual. There is a quiet space called ‘the link’ which is a useful quiet place to go if you find the main body of the church to be too much at any point.

If you are unable to come to the communion rail to receive Jesus, please let the Church Wardens know when you arrive (or during communion) and they will arrange for the Priest to come to you in your seat. This happens regularly and is a normal part of the service.

If you do not wish to go to the communion rail to receive Jesus or a blessing – that is perfectly normal – simply stay in your seat and offer yourself in prayer.

How long are the services?

Parish Mass on a Sunday (10:30am) takes about an hour on average. The 8:30am Mass takes about 40 minutes. Morning Prayer during the week is about 15/20 minutes with Mass afterwards taking about 20 minutes. On Wednesday and Fridays Mass at 9:30am takes about 40 minutes.

We are a friendly church who will do all we can to make sure you are welcomed and comfortable here. If there’s something you need that we don’t offer or have here, drop us a line and we’ll make it happen – no fuss – we’ll just quietly make sure you are happy and comfortable so that you can concentrate on building a relationship with Christ in the sacrament and through prayer.