A Letter from Fr Edward & The Bishop of London


Dear Friends,

I attach a letter from the Bishop of London subsequent on the decision by the General Synod to adjourn the vote on women bishops until a Synod in November. This decision is disappointing for those of us from the traditional wing of the Church of England.

It is quite clear that we could only accept the ministry of a male bishop who had been ordained bishop by other male bishops,  thus keeping intact what we believe to be the succession from the infant Church 2000 years ago.

This means that the whole business will rumble on for five more months and it will cost in excess of £200,000 to hold a Synod in November!

So far as we are concerned in the Fulham jurisdiction the Bishop of London will be appointing a traditionalist bishop to serve us. However the outlook for the rest of the Church is certainly not as clear.

At Mass this morning we prayed hard that the Holy Spirit would move the hearts of the Synod to allow the proposals already outlined to go forward. We must continue to pray hard.

So often the ordination of women as bishops  is portrayed by the media as a matter concerning equality of men and women. It is nothing of the sort.

In the upper room as he prepared to offer Himself for the salvation of the World, Christ entrusted the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass to be continued by his apostles. Not even his Blessed Mother was included at that moment!

When the priest offers Mass he acts within it, during the Eucharistic Prayer, as ‘ in persona Christi’….in the person of Christ. Challenging, awesome, yet ordained by Christ Himself.

No doubt much more will be said in the coming months…….can we keep up our fervent prayers that this Church of England will not abandon its Catholic heritage and will alllow traditional faith and parishes to flourish.

Let us keep our traditional bishops close at heart as well

Fr  Edward

Fr Edward Lewis
Chaplain to Her Majesty The Queen
Parish Priest St Mary The Virgin Kenton

A Letter from the Bishop of London