All for Jesus and to the Glory of God

We are a diverse group of people of different ages and backgrounds who are brought together day by day and week by week, as we recognize God’s love for us all shown in Jesus Christ. YOU are welcome to join us through our webcasting or if possible in person.

This website is our front door and there is a lot of information here; including a photo gallery, an in-depth history, a news section, and much more. You can also submit prayer requests.

Since it was built in the 1930s, St Mary’s has been a traditional parish church. Everyone is welcome and included and we work hard to make sure you are cared for – read more on our accessibility page – where you can discover how long our services are, how they work, what expectations there are and how we can help you engage.

We look to the Bishop of Fulham for our sacramental support as we are a parish of The Society. We enthusiastically endorse the Five Guiding Principles and play our part in the life of the deanery and the diocese.

Pastoral enquiries concerning Baptism, Marriage or Confession, or other needs, may be made after services (see the calendar for times), by email, or by phoning us on 020 8907 2914.